About Trinity Church Mill Hill
(United Reformed and Methodist)



About Trinity Church Mill Hill
United Reformed and Methodist

Trinity Church Mill Hill is a Local Ecumenical Partnership, formed when Trinity(St.James’s,Union,Watling) URC united with Mill Hill Methodist Church in January 2008.   We are in both the Thames North Synod of the URC and the Barnet and Queensbury Circuit of the Methodist Church.

Trinity(St.James's,Union,Watling) United Reformed Church was founded in February 2001 when three churches united as "One Church on three sites" and worshipped together at Eversfield Gardens from May 2005.

St.James's Church was founded in 1933 and was a member of the Presbyterian Church of England.

Union Church was founded in 1908 as Mill Hill Congregational Church by nonconformists who had previously worshipped in the chapel of Mill Hill School since 1808.   The Union Church building on Mill Hill Broadway was completed in 1936.

Watling Church was founded in 1938 in Eversfield Gardens, originally as a daughter church of Union Church.

Mill Hill Methodist Church was founded in 1886 on the Ridgeway and in 1914 moved to Goodwyn Avenue.

Trinity Church, Mill Hill is a member of the Mill Hill Churches, whose other member churches are St.Paul's, St.Michael's & All Angels and John Keble (Church of England), the Church of the Sacred Heart (Roman Catholic) and Mill Hill East Church(Baptist/URC).

We warmly welcome Christians from all denominations, and our services of Holy Communion are open to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ.

Membership of Trinity Church is by Baptism and Confirmation; for those already baptised, it is by the renewal of Baptismal Vows and Confirmation.   Any who are communicant members of any branch of the Christian Church may join on Confession of Faith.   Please contact the Minister, the Church Secretary or your Elder if you wish to consider membership